Is Your Roof Fractured or Peeling Away? We Can Help!

Flat roofs are fiberglass asphalt with a reflective coating on top. The coating breaks due to expansion and contraction, leading to fracture, crumbling, and peeling away. The material we use on our roofs eliminates all of the concerns, except that the roof needs to be made water-resistant. We track down the water stains caused by roof leaks. After detecting the issue, mending it becomes pretty easy.

Expert Professionals

Our expert professionals offer the best roofing services with the help of top-of-the-line materials at an affordable cost, thus keeping your biggest investment protected. The roof waterproofing systems available in the market depend on the roofing material. We offer optimum service facilities first time, every time.

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Eliminating Roof Distress

There is a repulsive thought about flat roofs among many homeowners. However, you will feel the difference with our seamless and one-of-a-kind service. You won’t have to worry about leaks, and neither do you have to install a pump to get rid of the excess water. Just find the right contractor and get rid of all your worries.

Get Rid of Standing Water

We eliminate large areas of standing water with a fiber-reinforced self-leveling compound in the low areas. We will build a cricket to channel the water off the roof in large areas while keeping the price affordable. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but we will go above and beyond to give you the best value with the best warranty.

Benefits of Scuppers

Scuppers are a very important part that is sometimes not properly installed, leading to a lack of draining. In such cases, cutting all excess sealants is the best way to return them to their original size. The membrane is the key to any long-term roofing solution and can deal with the extreme expansion and contraction we experience at Tucson. It can be used to restore even the worst roofs to their original state. Most roofing companies in Arizona use a membrane system in the low areas or the bad spots.

Modern roof covered with tile effect PVC coated brown metal roof sheets

Worry-Free Roofing System

We are a roofing service in Tucson, AZ, imposing strategies good enough to create a completely worry-free roofing system. A/C units on the roof can pose many issues. Most units are built on 4x4" lumber and simply nailed to the roof, with no method to coat underneath the lumber and very little clearance beneath the unit itself in the event of a problem.

Eliminating Water Holding Issue

Another big issue is that the area often begins to hold water as it settles. Some roofing contractors move the blocks over, coat, and move them back, making the blocks rot out faster as the wood is still exposed and water then becomes trapped. We simply eliminate this area by placing an enclosed metal pan that requires no maintenance in the future. When it’s time to change out the A/C unit, the old unit can be removed, and the new one can be installed without disturbing the roof.

Silicone Roof Solutions

Terra Nova Roofing Solutions also offers a silicone roof coating. The top-of-the-line flat roof coating method is unlike any other coating and can be applied to the roof as an added enhancement. It is resistant to UV rays and does not degrade when exposed to water. Get a 50-year warranty with no more maintenance coats and no more worry about standing water prematurely wearing away the coating.