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Have you noticed problems with your roof in Tucson, AZ? The roofs in Arizona require specific care to keep them protected against harsh UV rays. For a professional roofing contractor, Terra Nova Roofing Solutions is just the company that you need to help you feel safe under your roof again. Give us a call today to schedule a roofing inspection.

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The flat roofs that are so commonly used in Arizona require proper waterproofing in order to make them last as long as possible. Unfortunately, as with everything else, these waterproofing methods can eventually fail due to constant attacks from the sun. This can lead your roof to crack or chip and become less protected.

If you have noticed water stains on your roof, the most common culprit is a leak due to the waterproofing layer failing with age. Finding out where the leak has originated from can be a difficult process, which is why you should hire a professional roofing contractor team to check your roof.

Once a professional has determined where the leak is coming from, they can patch up the damage quickly and easily. From there, they will take off the old waterproofing and apply a new coat in order to make sure leaks won’t happen for a long time. If you are worried about the waterproofing layer becoming damaged again, consider preventative maintenance.

When you call Terra Nova Roofing Solutions, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a professional is taking care of your home and your family. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality work and materials at an affordable price.

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